Commercial Property Improvement Program (CPIP) Application Process

Filling Out Application


Applicant will submit a pre-application form which identifies the property to be improved along with a general overview and design concept of the proposed renovations. City staff will meet with the applicant to review their conceptual plans and discuss eligibility criteria, program requirements, proposed project scheduling, and consistency of the design proposal with the City's design guidelines. A search will be conducted to determine whether there are pending code violations on the property. If no code violations are found, and staff determines the project is likely to qualify for program funding, the applicant will move onto the Formal Application Process. 

Project proposals will be reviewed and approved by demonstrating comprehensive design with substantial improvements to the exterior facade of the building, conform to district characteristics, and enhance the visibility of the corridor. 

Required Submissions For Pre-Application Process: 

  • Pre-Application form  
  • Color photographs of existing building exterior 
  • Sketches or conceptual drawings of proposed construction 
  • Detailed description of materials to be used and the construction procedure 
  • A cost estimate from qualified contractors (labor and materials for entire project). If the owner is a licensed contractor and is qualified to perform the work, the owner will still be required to provide a project cost estimate from an appropriately-qualified contractor. The cost estimated will be reviewed by the City’s Department of Design and Construction Management. 
  • Written statement justifying the particular project meets the criteria established 
  • Must demonstrate capacity to cover the project costs


During the Formal Application Process, the applicant may be required to provide additional supporting documents for the proposed project. The City's Engineering Division will conduct a "comprehensive/substantial improvement review" which will include a review of architectural plan changes and cost estimates. Applicant must demonstrate the capacity to cover their half of the project cost. 

Required Submissions: 

  • Completed form
  • Legal description and/or survey of property 
  • Proof of commercial property ownership (e.g. deed, title search, etc.) 
  • Proof of property insurance
  • Site plan with elevations, showing proposed improvements, drawn to scale 
  • Construction plan with materials, schedule and dimensions 
  • Landscape and irrigation plan, if applicable 
  • Final cost estimates in spreadsheet format
  • Name of the licensed contractor chosen to perform the work
  • Notice to Proceed 
  • Signage specifications, if applicable
  • Receipts and a summary of expenditures, including change orders
  • Contractor invoices and proof of payment
  • Release of funds
  • Inspection reference log
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Recorded Termination Notice of Commencement
  • Weekly payroll sheets demonstrating compliance with Davis Bacon Act (CDBG funds)
  • Two 8" X 10" photographs showing the completed exterior property improvements

Applications should be emailed to Corridor Redevelopment Specialist, Hugo Amaya at or submitted in-person at City Hall, 2600 Hollywood Boulevard, Room 203. For questions on CPIP, including the application process, please call 954.921.3620.