Nova Southeastern Univ. College of Oceanography

The Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography is one of the 17 colleges and schools of Nova Southeastern University and is one of its four local campuses.They are training the future for careers in critical subjects that impact the Ocean's Ecology, advancing Health and Life Science research, and restoring and sustaining life underseas. 

It is designated as the Guy Harvey Oceanographic Center (GHOC) building, which is silver LEED certified. The building is environmentally friendly and state of the art with 86,000 square feet of usable space. The activities in this research building are multi-disciplinary to address national and international priorities in coral reef research in five thematic areas:
  • impacts of global and local stressors;
  • geospatial analysis and mapping;
  • deep sea coral reefs and organisms;
  • genetic and genomic connectivity; and
  • hydrodynamics.
The GHOC building includes space for offices, research laboratories, collaboration, research training, and fieldwork staging. Laboratories are available for mapping and geospatial analysis, microbiology, genetics and genomics, histology, geology, ecological modeling, deep sea optical and vision, ichthyology, coral reef assessment, monitoring and restoration, and there are also wet laboratories for seawater usage and organism maintenance. The GHOC building houses a research library for the many disciplines of marine science, an auditorium, seminar rooms, seawater purification and delivery system, and outside experimentation facility. The facilities also include a SCUBA gear storage area and tank fill station for regular air and nitrox.

Please visit Nova Southeastern University's GHOC website for more information.