The Art of Innovation

For 17 years, Quantum has set the global standard for innovative yacht technology. In 1999, Quantum invented and implemented the first successful dual-purpose roll stabilization system, trademarked as Zero Speed™. This feat of engineering forever changed the yachting world by stabilizing the rolling motion of almost any vessel not only when underway, but also when anchored or drifting.

Quantum then developed and produced a range of stabilization and hydraulic systems and services, including the MAGLift™ rotary stabilizer, ARCHER™ ride control systems, and the XT™ (extendable fin) system. Quantum's hydraulic initiatives include a range of "plug and play" Integrated Hydraulic Systems designed to supply hydraulic power to virtually any shipboard hydraulic equipment. 

Quantum stabilizer products have earned the company a reputation for excellence in design, production quality, and reliability of operation. Quantum's commitment to worldwide customer support and service excellence has created a reputation that stands out in the marine industry.

Throughout the years, Quantum has never lost its momentum or drive; the company continues to challenge the accepted boundaries of yachting technology to improve the performance and comfort of vessels at every size and speed. The company's emerging research and development continues to impress yacht owners, builders, designers, crews, and brokers with its applications of innovative engineering.

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