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Party on the J International Food and Business Community Event

  1. Thank you for taking an active role in Hollywood’s business community.  

    The City of Hollywood’s Economic Development team is conducting a survey of businesses in and around the Johnson Street corridor and North and South on U.S. 441/SR7, to gauge interest in the “Party on the J” event as a renewed offering to the community. 

    The first “Party on the J” event took place in 2016 and was followed by several events that connected the community with business owners within the Johnson Street Business District. The event featured local businesses and vendors showcasing all that makes their business unique to new customers in an open air “street fair” setting. Additionally, business welcomed customers into their locations for an “open house.”  

    There is interest in bringing the event back in early 2024, but the City wants to hear from you. Please take a moment to answer a few questions regarding your desire to participate. Participation would be free of charge and would include a 10’ X 10’ canopy, table, and two chairs. Your response will help us plan for this or other possible future events within the Johnson Street Business District and U.S. 221/SR7 area.

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