Labor Force and Employment

Hollywood's job report indicated a 3.7% unemployment rate in November 2017. This rate was lower than the City's rate a year ago of 4.5%. Employment increased by 1,215 (1.5%) over the year, with employment of 77,855 in the City of Hollywood. The City's jobless rate was on par with the Fort Lauderdale Metro region (3.6%) and lower than the state rate of 3.8%. Hollywood's labor force is 80,832, which is up from 79,736 since January of this year. 

Local trends in the City contribute to overall regional improvements in the labor market. According to a press release by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance, "nonagricultural employment increased by 22,100 jobs (+2.6%) over the year". The top three sectors adding jobs were education & health services, construction, and professional and business services.

Data for the City of Hollywood is provided by Florida Department of Economic Opportunity