Port Everglades

Port Everglades is South Florida’s "powerhouse port", one of the most diverse seaports in the United States. It is one of the top three cruise ports in the world and 80% of Port Everglades is located in Hollywood. Port Everglades is among the most active containerized cargo ports in the United States and is South Florida’s main seaport for petroleum products such as gasoline and jet fuel.

Exotic cruise vacations and international trade are what make Port Everglades a vital economic engine for Hollywood and Broward County. As a leading container port in a region that thrives on trade and tourism, the port is the ideal point of entry for companies that conduct business in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Far East. A foreign-trade zone and available office space within the Port make it a highly desirable business center for world trade.

Port Everglades is a self-supporting Enterprise Fund of Broward County government. It does not rely on local tax dollars for operations or capital improvements.

The total value of economic activity at Port Everglades is approximately $26 billion, and more than 201,000 Florida jobs are impacted by the Port, including 11,700 people who work for companies that provide direct services to Port Everglades.

The Port is moving forward with several expansion projects designed to meet the demands of our growing population and the needs of our maritime industry. These capital improvements are expected to be completed during the next 6 years and will increase productivity and throughput. Recently completed improvements include the Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (ICTF) and numerous cruise terminal renovations.

Please visit the Port Everglades website for a more detailed look at what the Port has to offer.