Business Retention & Expansion

Business Retention, Expansion and Attraction Program

The Department of Economic Development is charged with implementing a holistic economic growth strategy that results in a robust economy and healthy neighborhoods for businesses, residents and visitors in Hollywood, FL.   Studies have shown that 86 percent of new jobs are created by existing businesses in a community, rather than businesses attracted to a community.  Great percent of cases have shown that it is easier to keep an existing business in the community than recruiting a new one.

One of the key programs geared to revitalize the business community in Hollywood is through its Business Retention, Expansion and Attraction initiative.  A primary focus of the initiative is to reposition Business Activity Centers with high employment such as South Florida Industrial Park, Port 95 Commerce Park, Downtown Hollywood, Memorial Regional Hospital, State Road 7/441 Corridor and the commercial core on the barrier island.

As a plan-to-action program, over 150 businesses have being surveyed with the purpose of assessing the business climate and assisting companies connect with resources needed to succeed.  Businesses that stay competitive are more likely to remain in the community and possibly expand.

Moving forward, Hollywood’s Business Retention, Expansion and Attraction continue to expand is outreach efforts and offers a menu of services and technical assistance through partnership with the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

For more information, please contact the Department of Economic Development at 954-921-3271.